Bilingual Community Outreach

Change begins right here in our community!

PEAR's bilingual/bicultural community outreach program promotes spaying/neutering and loving, responsible pet ownership, targeting "critical communities" countywide, areas where you find high numbers of unaltered, unvaccinated pets. Our outreach team works directly in the community, talking to pet owners in need about their options and ensuring they have access to affordable services.  Our goal is to intervene before animals are abandoned, allowed to breed or forced to suffer.  

An innovative program that makes a big impact

Limited funds coupled with lack of awareness and—in many cases—different cultural views when it comes to pet ownership can lead to hardship for a pet and his owner. We bridge this gap by creating awareness around the importance of spaying/neutering and loving, responsible pet care and providing access to affordable, accessible services. Since 2018, PEAR's innovative outreach program has targeted critical communities in Union County, NC. 

Collaborations with County Animal Services, private shelters and local animal welfare groups, makes a tremendous impact. Not only do fewer animals enter the shelter system, but a larger number of these animals arrive at the shelter altered, meaning that they are less likely to have reproduced before they arrived.

Our outreach helps shifts mentalities around pet ownership, improving quality of life for animals and their owners—and our community as a whole. 

Support for our community outreach