Vaccines & Microchips

Low-cost vaccines and basic pet services

As part of our bilingual community outreach program we offer low-cost vaccines, microchips, flea medication and dewormer at different Union County locations year-round. 

Our Services 

We offer rabies for dogs and cats, distemper/parvo (DHPP) and bordetella (oral) for dogs and feline distemper (FVRCP) for cats.

We also offer microchips, flea treatment and deworming medication. We also offer larger pet vaccine clinics countywide. 

How many shots does your dog or cat need? 

Puppies should receive three sets of distemper/parvo (DHPP) between the age of two and four months to protect them from parvo, which can be deadly. They need a booster every three to four weeks starting at two months. Kittens need three sets of feline distemper (FVRCP) between the age of two and four months. At three or four months, your dog/cat should also receive a rabies vaccine.

Once your puppy/kitten is up to date on rabies and DHPP or FVRCP, the vaccines are good for one year from the date given. The next time your pet receives vaccines, those vaccines will be good for three years each time they are given. For other vaccines for your dog or cat, please consult your veterinarian.  

Why should you microchip your pet? 

One out of three pets go missing. And without proper ID, 90 percent of lost pets never find their way home. A microchip is your pet's permanent ID. It's the size of a grain of rice and goes beneath your pet's skin like a vaccination. When scanned at a shelter or vet clinic, it reveals your contact information and your dog or cat can be returned to you. 

Flea Medication

We are a nonprofit that relies on donations, and so our supply of oral flea medication is usually limited. This means there are no guarantees as to what is available.  

It's only through generous donations that we can help others in need. Please consider making a one time or monthly donation to our Vaccines & Microchip program.

You can also donate supplies to PEAR so we can help families in need. Please email us at to coordinate with a volunteer.


Veterinary Sponsorship

If you are a local vet located in Union or Mecklenburg county and would like to partner with PEAR to provide low cost vaccines or microchips for this program, or co-host a microchip & vaccine clinic with PEAR please email us at we'd love to work with you to provide microchips to our community.